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Posted by on 11/1/2019 to Training Tips

This month we are going to add retrieving to the Staunchness on Point training drill. It will be used as a reward when your dog executes staunchness on point without breaking point or creeping on point.

Set up the scenario as described in the last few months tips. Once the dog establishes point, release the bird, fire the starter pistol and keep the dog from chasing (on check cord). Then lead the dog 180 degrees away about 20 yards. Command WHOA and MARK, toss a frozen bird and then command the dog to fetch. I use the dog’s name as a release command. You can also use a whistle command as a release to retrieve.

Remember, do not give the retrieve reward if the dog falters in any way on staunchness. Soon your dogs will learn that in order to get their mouths on birds, they must be staunch on point.

This is a great drill to start training your dog to be steady to wing and shot. Please stop by again next month for another training tip. The upland bird hunting season is now underway. May it be a rewarding one for both you and your dog!


C J, Shawnee, &   Duchess