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Staunch and Steady

Posted by C.J. Kausel on 12/4/2020 to Training Tips

This month we are going to discuss teaching staunchness and steadiness on point using the e-collar receiver as a “bellyband”. Several months ago, (September 2019 Tip) we described how to use the check cord cinched at the dog’s flank as a means in teaching staunchness and steadiness. See photo below. 


We use the flank cinch vs. neck collar correction as to keep the dog from becoming a “blinker”. A blinker is a dog that avoids birds due to over-correction from pressure on the neck. See the September 2019 article for complete details.

Once your dog has been conditioned to the e-collar, you can replace the check cord on the flank with the e-collar receiver. Place the unit on the side of the dog’s flank vs. the underbelly. See photo below.

Since dogs are quite sensitive in the flank area, a side-mount is much more comfortable. Also, I recommend you turn down the level of stimulation at least one notch. Example: If your normal training is at level 3, go down to level 2 on your transmitter. This set-up gives you better control of the dog and eliminates the need of a helper or a whoa post.

Stop by again next month for a new "Training Tip of the Month”.

 C J, Shawnee & Duchess