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Hunting & Retrieving

Lyle Steinman, Castile Creek Kennels
Product of choice: Hunt Dog Hunt, Thirsty Dog, Easy Dog

Lyle with Fargo’s Gulf Coast Jack-son “Jack”, 2009, 2011 & 2012 SRS Crown Champion. Jack was a 5-time Master National Qualifier.

Lyle Steinman began competing at the age of 8, traveling all over the United States showing cattle. He won over 300 championships on county, state, and national levels over the next 10 years. In 1982 at the Missouri State Fair, he was awarded the Grand Champion Showman award, beating out 432 showmen. As a teenager, Lyle started running UKC Night Hunts with his coon dogs. Lyle competed with Labradors as an amateur for many years before becoming a professional trainer in 2003.

Since 2003, Lyle and his team (past and present) have had many accomplishments, including more than 3,700 AKC (American Kennel Club) Master passes and 250 AKC Master titled (MH) dogs in the hunt test game. He has qualified a record 260 dogs at the AKC Master National events. He has a record 48 dogs in the Master National Hall of Fame (AKC MNH, Master National Hunter title). At the 2018 AKC Master National, Lyle received the Bill Teague Handler of the Year award. Lyle is charter member of both the Master National & Master Amateur Retriever Clubs. Unquestionably, he has become one of top retriever trainers and kennels in the country.

In the fall of 2006, Lyle competed in his first Super Retriever Series event. Since that time, he and his team have more than 50 Super Retriever Series wins, including the 2007, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015 & 2017 Super Retriever Series Crown Championships. Lyle’s career winnings now are over $325,000. Currently Lyle is sponsored by Country Vet Pet Foods, ZoomDog Supplements, and SportDOG Brand.

When Lyle is not training, he cherishes time with his best friend and wife Stephanie, close friends, and family. Lyle and Stephanie live near Gower, Missouri. Collectively, they have 3 daughters, 1 son, and 4 grandchildren.

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Dale and Brenda Merritt, Bear Point Kennels
Product of choice: Hunt Dog Hunt, Daily Dog

ZoomDog ProStaffer: Dale and Brenda of Bear Point Kennels

Dale has been working with animals as long as he can remember. He is known for breeding and training Pointing Labrador Retrievers for field trials and hunting. He has owned and trained more than 15 Grand Master Pointing Retrievers, GMPR. At least four of his dogs have been inducted into the American Pointing Labrador Association Hall of Fame. His dogs have APLA, AKC and UKC titles.

Dale is an avid hunter, travels to compete and conducts training seminars in the sporting dog area at the Sportsman’s Expo, held in January in Denver, demonstrating the breed’s versatility.

Jared Mophett, Honey Brake
Product of choice: Hunt Dog Hunt

Honey Brake is Louisiana's premier duck and waterfowl hunting lodge complete with world-class gun dogs, which they believe to be their greatest conservation tool. The dogs work year-round to be ready for the approximately 130-day wing shooting season, over the course of which, they retrieve an average of 800-1,200 birds. Jared Mophett is Honey Brake's Head Guide and oversees the gun dog program.

CJ Kausel, Hunt Smart Productions
Product of choice: Hunt Dog Hunt

CJ Kausel of Hunt Smart Productions, LLC has trained and hunted with his own bird dogs for over 30 years. He is a member and President of the Rocky Mountain Sporting Dog Club. He also contributes to our Dog Training Tips.

CJ and his shorthairs give dog demonstrations and seminars at the local Sportsman’s Warehouse, Gander Mountain and Bass Pro Shops outlets. They have appeared in the in the sporting dog arena at the Sportsman’s Expo over the several years. It is held each January at the Denver Convention Center..

Dock Diving & Agility

Lise Strum
Product of choice: Joint Health Soft Chews, Daily Dog

Lise & Scott train and own champions. Lise & Vhoebe du Loups du Soleil, Belgian Malinois, are one of the top ranked teams. Vhoebe breaks records and sets a high bar. Lise & Vhoebe are also part of Team 21, which raises awareness about Down syndrome & funds for organizations that provide services to help these individuals thrive. Vhoebe’s athletic ability has been covered by Sports Illustrated, Sports Center and other outlets.

Scott’s Dutch Shepherd, Battleridge Trebuchet, maybe new to the dock diving but he exhibits great athleticism. Great things are to be expected from him.

Ashley Rietfors
Product of choice: Hunt Dog Hunt

Working with dogs runs in Ashley’s family. Her mother was a dog trainer and breeder. Ashley trains and competes with dock diving dogs. She regularly competes with Pyro and J.A.T.O, a Belgian Malinois. Her Dutch Shepherd, Pyro, has competed Iron Dog, Super Retriever Series, Purina Incredible Dog Challenge and others. Pyro has also been featured in commercials and has film work under his collar.