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Posted by on 3/1/2020 to Training Tips

Springtime is when many folks decide to get a new gun dog pup.

You may be considering a new pup, but you have an older dog. You may be saying to yourself, “My dog is 6 years old and in its prime. I’ll wait until it is 9 or 10 before I get that new pup.” My recommendation is that you do not wait! If you are definite about getting a new pup, now is the time to bring that new pup into your home.

There are several reasons for doing so which follow:

1. Your present dog is in his/her prime and can take the excessive running and exuberant “play” behavior of the pup.

It can simply run away from the pup if it wants.

2. Your present dog now has a kennel mate and in time they will become “good buddies”

3. Once trained, the new dog will allow you to rest your current dog and they will not be so exhausted from those multiple day hunting trips.

4. Although somewhat controversial, the new pup can learn some things from your present dog. Things like quartering a field, searching out certain objectives and honoring come to mind.

It is important you do get that new pup before osteoarthritis and a “crotchety” attitude sets in. When you do get that new pup, don’t forget to show attention to your current dog.

Remember, he /she was the “star” of the show. Show them even more attention than before. You want to reassure them that they are still the “top dog” and the new pup has not changed their status at all. When the time for retirement of the older dog comes, it will be a much easier transition for you and your dog.

Stop by again next month for another training tip.

C J, Shawnee & Duchess