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Posted by on 12/1/2018

A frequent question I receive from clients is, “How do I keep my dog from pulling on the lead when teaching him/her to heel?” This is a common problem, especially with young dogs just learning basic obedience commands. There are a couple of things to keep in mind:

1. The dog wants to go where he wants to go.

2. It is in his instinct to resist the pressure we are putting on him/her.

The key is to give the dog slack on the lead. What are you saying? You ask. Yes, the key to making your dog heel at your side is to give slack on the lead. You do this by giving an abrupt upward tug (correction/pressure) on the lead and then turning 180 degrees and walking the opposite direction giving the dog slack on the lead (releasing the pressure). Repeat the 180 degree turn each time the dog pulls. Soon the dog will learn to go with you rather than pull away. The more you repeat this drill, the dog will learn to stay closer and closer by your side. Remember, a quick abrupt upward tug and then giving slack to the lead and not pressure is the key here. Be patient, your dog wants to be with you and he/she will learn that is only possible under your terms, not theirs.

Stop by again next month for another training tip.

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