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Posted by on 4/15/2017 to General
Long lasting joint health is something we all want for our dogs. Taking early steps to help avoid joint problems in your dog’s later life can help them achieve that goal. ZoomDog’s new product, Joint Health Soft Chews, contains many ingredients beneficial for healthy joints, including hydrolyzed collagen. Collagen is the major protein in connective tissues and cartilage within joints. Cartilage and connective tissues can become worn down over time, which can lead to stiffness. Dogs can have trouble moving, climbing stairs, getting in and out of cars, and going for walks. These symptoms restrict our activities, and inhibit them from living their life to the fullest. Many studies both past and present show the benefits of taking collagen for joint health.

ZoomDog Joint Health Soft Chews don’t only help keep dogs mobile as they age, but it can help to improve current signs of stiffness and reluctance to walk, jump, or play. By providing your dog with the building blocks necessary to maintain healthy joints, you will be giving your dog a better chance to live a happy, active life.