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Off-season Field Work

Posted by C.J. Kausel on 2/8/2021 to Training Tips

Well, another upland bird hunting season is now on the record. We cherish those days of autumn with coolness of air, the special scent of the season, and those magical days afield with our bird dogs. Now we must wait another seven months to the next hunting season. Or do we? No, we do not!

Now is the time to work with our dogs on the problem areas you may have experienced during this past season’s hunts. While your memory is still fresh, make a list of those problems and put together a plan of correction.

1.    Is your pointing dog creeping in after establishing point or outright flushing some birds?

2.    Is your flushing dog hunting out too far causing birds to flush well out of gun range?

3.    Is the problem “in my court” and not the dog’s?

Whatever the issue may be, make a list of the improvements you and your dog need to make to be that reliable team in the field. Once you have your problems list, rank them as to importance, then put together a schedule for you and your dog to work together on them. This is a great opportunity to strengthen the bond you have with that “special friend” while improving field performance. Stick with the training schedule as diligently as you would with any business or personal appointment. Remember, good results come from work, not wishes!

Enjoy those times with your dog as they are not with us long enough.

C J, Shawnee & Duchess

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